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App Connected Wireless Accessory Control Keypad


Expand the functionality of your PROJECT X Ghost Box by adding the wireless control keypad. Install this keypad anywhere i... Read More ►

  • Input Voltage : 9-16V DC
  • Maximum Current : 0.075A @ 12 VDC
  • Maximum Power : 0.9W @ 12 VDC
  • Operating Temperature : -22°F to 149°F
  • Storage Temperature : -40°F to 185°F
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Expand the functionality of your PROJECT X Ghost Box by adding the wireless control keypad. Install this keypad anywhere in your vehicle to wirelessly control your Ghost Box connected accessories with the touch of a button. The keypad comes with eight (8) LED backlit switches, a mounting bracket with universal bolt patterns for your interior or windshield and requires only a single cable to function.

Accessory control redefined – The PROJECT X Ghost Box wireless ecosystem reimagines the market standard for switch boxes, creating a totally customizable and wirelessly controlled experience.


  • Is this a standalone product? 
    No. This is designed as a replacement or an add-on for customer who are purchased individual Ghost Boxes and would now like a keypad. 
    Individual Ghost Box Control Module
    4-Pack Ghost Box Control Modules w/ Keypad

  • Can I use this with another brand system? 
    No, this is designed only to be use with PROJECT X Ghost Boxes.

  • What Features does adding a Keypad to my Ghost Box system offer? 
    Versatile Control: Control circuits from either the app or a physical Keypad. Those without keypads can only control circuits via the app.
    Sync'd Control: The physical keypad will mirror the app, that is what you do on the app happens on the keypad and vise versa. Setting changes will reflect on both the keypad and app.
    Individual RGBW Backlighting: Each button's backlight is individually controlled. 
    Low-Voltage protection: Similar to the Ghost Boxes, the keypad has its own adjustable low-voltage protection.

  • How should I wire my Keypad? 
    We suggest tapping to the interior fuse block using fuse taps to simplify wiring. The keypad only pulls 0.9 Watts of power when not in Low-Voltage Protection. 

  • How should I mount my keypad?
    Depending on where you plan to mount, use either the provided Ram® Mount Compatible bracket or flush mount using the provided double sided tape. 



  • Input Voltage : 9-16V
  • Maximum Current : 0.075A @12V DC
  • Maximum Power : 0.9W @12V DC


  • Operating Temp : -22°F to 149°F
  • Storage Temp : -40°F to 185°F


  • Waterproof Rating : IP64
  • Wireless Frequency : 2.4 GHz RF Wifi & Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless Range (RF Wifi) : 98.4 Feet (without interference or obstruction)
  • Wireless Range (Bluetooth) : 33 Feet (without interference or obstruction)