Why Headlights with Cameras are the Better Choice for Off-Roaders
Discover why ELITE OPTX headlights by PROJECT X, with integrated cameras and powerful LED lighting, are the ultimate upgrade for off-road enthusiasts driving vehicles with 7-inch round headlights. ...
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Chill Out on the Trail: How the Blizzard Box is Revolutionizing Off-Road Adventures
Explore how Blizzard Box portable fridge freezers are transforming the outdoor experience, offering superior cooling solutions over traditional coolers for off-road and adventure enthusiasts
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Which Blizzard Box is Right for You?
Discover the Blizzard Box by PROJECT X - a game-changing portable refrigeration solution for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. From the compact 13qt for solo travelers to the colossal 99qt dual-...
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The Future is Now: Why You Should Trust Wireless Technology on the Trail
Worried about going wireless on the trail? We can help. Read about how the Ghost Box is more reliable and versatile than any Bluetooth or hardwired vehicle accessory control system on the market!
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Mastering the Art of Wiring Your Project X Off-Road Accessories
Learn how to wire your Project X off-road accessories like a pro with our comprehensive guide. Discover the essential steps, from planning and organizing to the actual installation process.
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Being involved is in our DNA. Read more about PROJECT X connecting with enthusiasts and racers in-person at Visions Off-Road in Jay, Oklahoma.
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