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App Connected 7 Inch Headlight With Integrated 4K UHD & 1080P Cameras


Light the way and record your adventure with the PROJECT X ELITE OPTX headlights. Featuring a pair of integrated UHD camer... Read More ►

  • Height : 178mm / 7 Inch
  • Width : 178mm / 7 Inch
  • Depth : 121.4 mm / 4.7 Inch
  • Shape : Round
  • Outer Lens Material : Polycarbonate
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Light the way and record your adventure with the PROJECT X ELITE OPTX headlights. Featuring a pair of integrated UHD cameras, the ELITE OPTX allows you to view your travels in true 4K UHD. With our OEM fitment and quality combined with an impressive 3000 raw lumen output (high beam) the ELITE OPTX brings a new standard to aftermarket headlights. Control the Cameras via our PROJECT X mobile app (available on Android and Apple) where you can view, record and replay.

Designed with the Jeep Wrangler JK in mind, these units are plug and play and feature an integrated CANBUS/anti-flicker module and come with everything you need for install.

ELITE OPTX are DOT complaint and meet all standards of FMSS section 108 permitting on road use in the United States.



  • Suitable for use with any vehicle designed to accommodate 7" round headlights* 
  • 2007 - 2017 Jeep Wrangler**
  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK**
  • 2018+ Jeep JL/JT***

*May require modification of the mounting ring and an H13 wire adapter. 
**Please note, Wranglers with Factory LED Headlights (production code AD6, LED Lighting Group) may require the use of an aftermarket Headlight Mounting Ring.
***Requires the use of a aftermarket 7" adapter ring. 


  • Wait, what... Camera's in Headlights? Is PROJECT X Crazy? 
    We're not crazy, PROJECT X is here to challenge the norm. 
    Combining a Headlight and Camera offers several advantages. Unlike standalone dash cameras that may overheat, leading to shutdowns and reduced battery life, our headlights operate within a broader temperature range. Furthermore, the integrated camera provides a unique lower perspective, capturing footage from a first-person view rather than the typical eagle-eye view from a windshield-mounted dash camera. This combination ensures enhanced durability and a more immersive recording experience.

  • Are these headlights plug and play?
    Yes. These headlights were designed to be plug and play for the Jeep Wrangler JK using the factory H13 plug, and feature an integrated CANBUS/anti-flicker module.

  • Can these work on my Jeep JL / JT?
    Certainly, it's possible by utilizing a 9" to 7" adapter ring along with an H13-to-JL wiring harness. Please note that these accessories are not available for purchase or supplied by PROJECT X.

  • Can these work for non-Jeep vehicles?
    Certainly, if the vehicle accommodates 7" round headlights. However, please note that the use of an adapter ring and/or an H13 wiring adapter may be necessary to adapt to most vehicles.

  • Are these lights DOT approved?

  • Do both headlights have a camera?
    Yes; The Driver Side has the 4K Camera and the Passenger Side has the 1080P Wide Angle lens. 

  • Why two different cameras? 
    The 4K camera is designed to deliver high-definition video quality, ensuring clarity and detail in recorded footage. On the other hand, the 1080P camera is optimized for reduced lag during live viewing, providing a smoother and more responsive real-time experience. This dual-camera setup allows users to benefit from both superior recording quality and seamless live monitoring.

  • What functionalities do the cameras offer?
    -Live-view through the app from either camera.
    -Dash Camera recording though both cameras.*
    -User-controlled recording through the mobile app. 
    -Park and Record.**
    -Low Voltage Protection. 
    *Automatic function, initiates when vehicle is on, cannot be changed. Records in two or five minute intervals. When memory is full the camera will delete the oldest "Dash Camera" footage. 
    **Automatic function, initiates when the vehicle has been off for 10 Minutes, see instructions for more details.

    When the vehicle's engine is on, by default both camera's record passively similar to a dash Camera. Looping in one, three or five minute intervals customizable through the app. 
    Using the app you can live-view from either side, manually start recording a long-format video, view or download previously recorded footage. 
    10 minutes after the vehicle has turned-off the camera will automatically switch to Park and Record mode and remain recording till the vehicle is turned on or low-voltage protection is triggered.

  • How do I watch/download the camera footage from the headlights?
    Control the cameras via our PROJECT X mobile app (available on Android and Apple), from which you can live-view, record, replay and download the captured footage.

  • What is the storage capacity?
    The headlights utilize a single-removable 128GB microSD card to store footage from both cameras.

  • How is the video resolution?
    See for yourself!

  • When live-viewing or recording long-format videos does the other camera stop recording? 
    No, both cameras will always be recording.

  • What happens when the SD is full?
    The system automatically categorizes videos into two folders - one for long-format videos, and another for shorter dash camera recordings. When the memory card reaches full capacity, the oldest dash camera captured video is deleted to make room. Long-format videos are stored in a separate folder to prevent deletion. It's essential to note that maintaining a higher volume of long-formatted videos reduces available memory for the dash camera function, resulting in more frequent overwriting of dash camera footage. To avoid this situation, ensure to download/save the videos and delete any long-format videos when they are no longer needed.




  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • LED Power: 9 - 16 DC
  • Current Draw @ 12V:
    3.50A (High Beam)
    2.50A (Low Beam)
  • Operating Temp: -40°F to 140°F


  • Raw Lumens: 3,000 (High Beam), 2,000 (Low Beam)
  • Effective Lumens: 1,645 (High Beam), 909 (Low Beam)
  • Beam Pattern:
    Forward Lighting - High Beam (DOT)
    Forward Lighting - Low Beam (DOT)
  • Color Temp: 5700°K


  • Wireless Range(Bluetooth):
    33 feet (without interference or obstruction)
  • Housing: Aluminum / ADC 12
  • Lens: Hard Coated Polycarbinate
  • IP Rating: IP67 / DOT
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs


  • View Angle 4K Camera: FOV(D)138°
  • View Angle 1080P Camera: FOV(D)138°
  • Image Sensor: 8MP (4K) 2MP (1080P)



Product Information
Height : 178mm / 7 Inch
Width : 178mm / 7 Inch
Depth : 121.4 mm / 4.7 Inch
Shape : Round
Outer Lens Material : Polycarbonate
Outer Lens Color : Clear
Housing Material : Aluminum / ADC 12
Housing Color : Black
Bezel Color : Black
Minimum Operating Temperature : -40°C / 40°F
Maximum Operating Temperature : 60°C / 140°F
Connector : H13
Product Weight : 1140g / 2.5lbs per light