Which Blizzard Box is Right for You?

In a world of constant, on the go adventures, the Blizzard Box by PROJECT X emerges as a revolutionary portable fridge/freezer solution. Whether you are a seasoned camper, a hunter, a boating enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates keeping food and beverages chilled on the road, the Blizzard Box is designed to redefine your outdoor experience.

With a range of sizes to cater to diverse needs, the 13qt, 22qt, 41qt, 56qt, and 99qt dual-zone portable fridge/freezers offer a plethora of features and benefits, each tailored to specific use-cases. Let's dive into the impressive features of the Blizzard Box and discover the unique advantages of each size.

Ditch the Ice

Whether you’re headed for an overnight camping trip, or a two-week cross-country road trip, stopping for ice or constantly worrying about draining and refilling your cooler can put a damper on the adventure. Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches, wet cardboard packaging, and leaking water. The Blizzard Box will keep all your food and beverages fresh and cool for the duration of your trip, without a single ice cube. And remember, no ice means the entire storage space can be occupied by your food and beverages, dramatically increasing how much you can pack with you.

To Fridge or to Freeze?

Each Blizzard Box in our lineup features a temperature range from 0-50 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can even use your Blizzard Box as a dedicated freezer. Hunting or fishing? Keep your kill or your catch fresh until you’re home or back on shore. Want to cool down with a popsicle on day 4 of your desert excursion? Keep them frozen in your Blizzard Box!

Powerful, but Power Conscious

Each Blizzard Box is designed with efficiency in mind. Our insulated enclosures keep your food and drinks cold long after the Blizzard Box is unplugged. Many competitor fridge/freezers on the market require supplemental battery-power to stay cold when the unit is unplugged. This is where the Blizzard Box’s unique insulation design really shines. As long the lid is closed, your Blizzard Box will retain cool temps to the next morning, meaning you won’t need to keep your vehicle running or use a generator to keep your food fresh. Each Blizzard Box also comes with a 12v cigarette lighter adapter and 110v outlet adapter, meaning you can use it at home or on the go.

Which Size is Right for Me?

13qt Blizzard Box:

The compact yet powerful 13qt Blizzard Box is a perfect companion for solo travelers or short day trips. Its lightweight design allows for effortless portability, making it ideal for short trips. This is the only Blizzard Box in the lineup that comes with two cupholders and USB chargers, making it the perfect center console for your prerunner, camper van, or old truck. Despite its smaller size, the 13qt Blizzard Box boasts impressive cooling capabilities, maintaining a steady temperature to keep your snacks, drinks, and medications refreshingly cold. Its energy-efficient operation ensures prolonged use without draining your power source, a crucial aspect for off-grid adventures.


  • Road trips and short getaways
  • Picnics and outdoor gatherings
  • Camper Van trips
  • Prerunner center consoles
  • Medication storage during travels
  • Emergency backup cooler

22qt Blizzard Box:

Stepping up in size, the 22qt Blizzard Box is a versatile mid-range refrigerator suited for small families and camping enthusiasts. Its extended capacity allows for more significant storage of perishables, making it ideal for weekend camping trips or boating excursions. The 22qt fridge incorporates advanced insulation technology, keeping your snacks cool even in hot and humid conditions. Additionally, it features robust handles and a secure latch system, ensuring hassle-free transportation and convenience.


  • Weekend camping trips
  • UTVs, Bronco 2-door, Bronco Sport, Jeep
  • Fishing and boating adventures
  • Outdoor barbecues and tailgating events
  • RV and camper van journeys

41qt Blizzard Box:

The 41qt Blizzard Box signifies a significant leap in capacity, catering to larger groups and extended outdoor escapades. This size offers an optimal balance between portability and storage capacity, making it a popular choice for extended road trips and family vacations. Its dual-zone feature allows independent temperature control, enabling you to store beverages at a different temperature from perishables. The 41qt Blizzard Box also comes equipped with a digital control panel, enabling precise temperature adjustments with ease.



  • Perfect fit for Bronco 4-door, Jeep JK and JL, or other medium-sized SUVs
  • Family camping trips
  • Overland adventures
  • Outdoor sports events
  • Extended road trips

56qt Blizzard Box:

For the avid globetrotter or those embarking on long-term outdoor expeditions, the 56qt Blizzard Box stands as a go-to option. Its ample storage space can accommodate provisions for extended periods, providing an uninterrupted supply of fresh food and drinks. The 56qt fridge boasts heavy-duty construction and rugged design, ensuring durability even in the harshest terrains. Moreover, its low-power consumption technology preserves energy reserves for more extended journeys.


  • Perfect for Truck Beds or Camper Shells
  • Full-Size SUVs
  • Overlanding and extended expeditions
  • Off-grid living and van life

99qt Dual-Zone Blizzard Box:

The behemoth of the Blizzard Box lineup, the 99qt dual-zone fridge, is tailored for large groups, commercial ventures, and those seeking the pinnacle of refrigeration capabilities. With two independent cooling compartments, you can customize temperature settings for various items, like frozen meats and delicate fruits, simultaneously. The 99qt Blizzard Box offers unmatched cooling performance, ensuring that your perishables remain fresh for an extended period. Its heavy-duty construction and weather-resistant exterior grant it the ability to withstand the most demanding environments.


  • Perfect for RVs and Camper Vans
  • Group camping and outdoor events
  • Catering and commercial use
  • Overlanding with a large crew
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Garage Fridge


The Blizzard Box by PROJECT X heralds a new era of portable refrigeration, with its diverse range of sizes catering to different needs and use-cases. From solo adventurers to large groups, these fridges provide a cold storage solution that enhances outdoor experiences while preserving the freshness of your provisions. Embrace the innovation and versatility of the Blizzard Box, and let it be your reliable companion on every thrilling journey you undertake.

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