Jared Chavez

Director of Brand Development

Every pack needs its leader, and ours is Jared. His career in the automotive aftermarket spans over a decade, giving him a unique view of the enthusiast landscape and what’s possible for the rapidly-expand world of off-road. PROJECT X was conceived in part thanks to Jared’s vision of bringing leading-edge technology to adventure vehicles, and revolutionizing the way we manufacture, install, and use aftermarket accessories. When he’s not at the office or our many events throughout the year, you’ll find Jared either at a local truck meet or out on the trails in his OBS Bronco.

Shawn Bell

Sales Manager

Having awesome stuff means nothing if your customers can’t get their hands on it. Shawn brings over 10 years of sales experience in the automotive aftermarket, managing relationships with our wholesale distributors as well as shops and end-users. Shawn brings a wealth of existing relationships with our current customer prospects and outside rep groups and makes an excellent fit for our team, positioning us well for the future. Shawn is no stranger to truck and offroad, having owned a variety of custom trucks. He currently drives a Ford Raptor and enjoys camping with his family.

Alex Cabral

Customer Supply Account Manager

If there's one thing Alex hates, it's the phrase “That’s just how it's always been done”. Our customer supply manager, Alex Cabral brings over 10 years of sales experience to the PROJECT X team. He takes pride in ensuring and maintaining the painless order process for our customers. With six years of focus in the aftermarket automotive industry, a knack for data and analysis, and a deep passion for the outdoors, Alex is a vital asset to the PROJECT X family.

Jeremy Godinez

Creative Director

As the backbone of our brand identity, Jeremy has the aesthetic eye to bring PROJECT X to life in all forms of multimedia. With over a decade of creative experience in the automotive world, Jeremy knows what looks good on paper, on screen, on camera, and on the box. His contemporary, yet artful approach to building, maintaining, and growing our brand is a pivotal part to our success. When not in design mode, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and driving his newly-built Ford Ranger.

Ryan Erickson

Graphic Designer

Lots of great ideas began on a bar napkin, but very few stayed there for long. Whether we’re designing an event poster, a new LED light, or a comprehensive installation manual, Ryan is our savior. A master with the mouse, his ability to take the ideas that we drew up (poorly) and turn them into polished digital representations is why we’re so grateful to have him on our team. And did we mention he’s a car guy!? When not at the PROJECT X office, Ryan enjoys wrenching on and driving his Mk4 Supra…and before you ask, yes…2JZ, no-s**t.

Emily McConkey

Digital Marketing Specialist

Social media mastermind, brand strategist, photo editor, and most importantly, a Zoomer that keeps us apprised of the latest lingo. Emily develops and implements fresh digital marketing ideas and perspectives for the PROJECT X team. From a young age she has been able to build and maintain relationships within the aftermarket automotive industry while gaining years of sales and marketing experience. Emily has been immersed in the off-road world for most of her life. She spends most of her free time at car meets and on the trails.

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