Blizzard Box®

Blizzard Box 13-Quart Single Zone Portable Electric Cooler – Iceless Refrigerator and Freezer


Built-in Cup Holders? Heck ya! Perfect for that gap in the rear captain seats, or the floor in front of an empty seat. This portable mini fridge... Read More ►

  • Capacity : 12.7QT (13 Cans)
  • Power Consumption : 45W
  • Cooling Performance : 0°F - 50°F
  • Weight : 20lbs
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Built-in Cup Holders? Heck ya! Perfect for that gap in the rear captain seats, or the floor in front of an empty seat. This portable mini fridge is ready for any and all road trips or adventures.


 This 13-Quart Blizzard Box® is the portable electric cooler that’s built for adventure in camper vans, work trucks, cars and other vehicles. Completely iceless, its electronic thermostat offers full temperature control, making it the perfect fridge or freezer for camping, overlanding and other activities.


From overlanding and camping to hunting and beyond, Blizzard Box is the portable iceless cooler that takes your adventures to the next level. While built for rugged outdoor expeditions, our fridge freezers are also perfect for grocery runs, tailgating before a big game or event and road trips in your car, truck, SUV, UTV or RV. 


At Blizzard Box we know there’s nothing quite like overlanding—the feeling of being off the grid and surrounded by nature. The adrenaline rush of off-roading in your vehicle and then the peaceful relaxation of car camping in the wilderness. Blizzard Box refrigerator freezer coolers are built to withstand the rigors of the trail, the road and the great unknown, making them indispensable gear for any adventure.


What sets a Blizzard Box fridge freezer apart from a traditional cooler? A lot. But the biggest difference is ice… no ice, actually. Our coolers are completely iceless, functioning as a portable refrigerator and freezer, which offers a ton of advantages. Precise temperature control is a big one. Every Blizzard Box portable fridge freezer is outfitted with a digital thermostat allowing you to set an exact temperature anywhere between 50°F to 0°F. It can even function as an ice chest.


Beyond food and drinks, our portable fridges are also packed with handy features that bring smart convenience to any journey. Our 12V fridge freezers run on AC and DC power, so they can go anywhere you do. Plus the built-in USB port lets you charge all your devices with ease. Our camping and overlanding refrigerators are even designed to charge intelligently to avoid over draining your vehicle battery—so the adventure can go on and on. Our 41- and 56-Quart fridges offer versatile doors that open for either side. While our 22-, 42- and 56-quart portable refrigerators boast interior lighting for increased visibility in dark spaces.  


Whether you’re car camping or overlanding, your adventure needs a Blizzard Box portable fridge and freezer. 


What are the optimal beverage and food storage temperatures?

Beverage & Food Storage TemperaturesTemperature
Beer (Light), Sparkling Wines, Champagne41°F / 5°C
Beer (Craft), White Wine46°F / 8°C
Beer (Rich flavor), Red Wine53°F / 12°C
Soda / Pop40°F / 4°C
Fruit & Veggies (Cool Season)32-35°F / 0-1.6°C
Fruit & Veggies (Warm Season)45-55°F / 7-12°C
Meat & Fish41°F / 5°C
Dairy35°F / 1.6°C
Eggs45°F / 5°C

What is the voltage range of vehicle battery to switch off / on the compressor in order to prevent over discharging?

Power SupplyStatus Battery ProtectorLow ModeMedium ModeHigh Mode
DC 12VCut-off Voltage10.1±0.3V11.4±0.3V11.8±0.3V
 Restart Voltage11.1±0.3V12.2±0.3V12.6±0.3V
DC 24VCut-off Voltage21.5±0.3V24.1±0.3V24.6±0.3V
 Restart Voltage23.0±0.3V25.3±0.3V26.2±0.3V

What is vehicle battery protection?

The Blizzard Box is equipped with multi-level vehicle battery protection that guards against excessive discharging when connected to a 12V / 24V power source. If the Blizzard Box is operating when the vehicle ignition is switched off, it will be switched off automatically once the supply voltage falls below the cut-off level. The Blizzard Box will switch back on once the vehicle battery has been recharged to the restart voltage level.

Do I need to use the basket that is in the Blizzard Box?

The purpose of the Blizzard Box baskets is for 2 reasons.
a) Protection from dropping goods within the aluminum cooling shell or off-road bouncing of goods inside the cooler.
b) The basket helps to even-out the temperature within the cooler. Less cold spots and possible damaged goods. Therefore, use of the baskets is recommended.

What is the running wattage for the Blizzard box?

Blizzard Box has a compressor unit, but it does not run continually. After the Blizzard box is cooled down to set temperature, the unit only turns on as needed with 55 watts draw at 12 volts. When the Blizzard Box first starts and is cooling down, it does run full time at 55 watts until set temperature. The Blizzard Box will then cycle on and off as need to hold set temperature depending on ambient temperature.

How to get started with Blizzard Box?

Blizzard Box cooler range requires a constant supply of power from 12V, 24V or 110V power source. Insert the DC plug of included 12/24V DC power cord into vehicle’s power port or use the included 110VAC to 12VDC power adaptor to start operation.



  • Power Consumption : Dual Voltage; 45W
  • Input Rating : 12VDC, 3.8A 24VDC, 1.9A
  • USB Charging Port Output : 5V / 1A rating


  • Cooling Performance : 0°F - 50°F
  • Climate Class :50°F - 109°F (SN/N/ST/T)
  • Refrigerant : R134a (28g)


  • Capacity : 12.7QT (13 Cans)
  • Compressor : WANCOOL
  • Insulation : CFC-free PU foam
  • Weight : 20lbs