Project X

6-Pin lighting Extension Cables


  • Product Dimension : 2 x 6ft extension cables
  • In the Box : 2 x 6ft Waterproof Cables with Connector
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These PROJECT X 6-Pin lighting Extension Cables works with the following products:

LM538817-1       Rock Light (1 Hub + 4 Rock Light + 2 Rock light with camera)

LM538818-1       Rock Light (1 Hub + 5 Rock Light + 1 Rock light with camera)

LM538815-1       Rock Light (1 Hub + 6 Rock Light)

AC538821-1       Rock Light (1 PC Hub with 6 port)

LM538820-1       Rock Light (1 PC Rock Light with 4K Camera)

LM538819-1       Rock Light (1 PC Rock Light)

LM532654-1        TYPE S - FORMULA DRIFT Exterior Smart LED Lighting Kit w/ 3rd Brake Light

LM532851-1        TYPE S - Smart Under Glow Rock LED 6PC