TYPE S 9005/9006 Smart LED Fog Light Single Beam Replacement


Smart Single Beam Single Beam
Customize your vehicle's front-end with the single-beam TYPE S 9005 / 9006 Smart Fog Lights. Sele... Read More ►
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Customize your vehicle's front-end with the single-beam TYPE S 9005 / 9006 Smart Fog Lights. Select your favorite color and lighting effect through the TYPE S LED app. These high-performing replacement LEDs display long-lasting, energy-efficient light ideal for driving in any weather. The crisp white beam pattern increases visibility while reducing glare. A rapid cooling fan efficiently dissipates heat to reduce temperature, extending the life of both the LEDs and light fixtures. Improve your driving visibility (and style) today for a safer ride tomorrow.


Is it APP-Controlled available?
Yes, it is.

What is the operation voltage?
It works with DC 12V and 24V vehicle.

How are the LEDs powered?
The LED Fog Light are powered with the included 12V/24V hardwire cable.

What type of LED do you use?
3030 RGBs ; 1860 LED

What kinds of color temperature does this kit have?
6,500K White

What kinds of mode does this kit have?
7 modes

How many color does this kit have?
49 color options

Why the light is not working?
It can be poor power connection, please check power connection, try to disconnect power and reconnect.

How many lumens is this LED fog light?
2,390 raw lumens

How many watts is the LED fog light?

How many amps does the fog light?
1.7A@12V & 0.8A@24V

How many lifespan does this LED strips light?


Fitment:9005 / 9006
Color Temperature:6500K (White only, RGB may vary)
Brightness:1800 Lumens (White only, RGB may vary)
Max Power:


LED  Lifespan

5000 hours


9005 Single High
9006 Single Low beam

Model Number:eComm SKU: LM58259-60/6 (UPC 643334582592)