TYPE S 9012 LED Fog Light Single Beam Replacement


**FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY** Drive safer in any condition with ul... Read More ►
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**FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY** Drive safer in any condition with ultra-bright TYPE S LED Fog Light Replacement Bulbs. These high performing replacement LEDs display long-lasting, energy-efficient light ideal for driving in poor weather. The crisp white beam pattern increases visibility while reducing glare. A rapid cooling fan efficiently dissipates heat to reduce temperature, extending the life of both the LEDs and light fixtures. Improve your driving visibility today for a safer tomorrow.


Fitment: 9012
Color Temperature: 500K(Cool White)
Brightness:1800 Lumens 
Max Power: 26W  
Beam:Dual–High & Low
Model Number:eComm SKU: LM58163-1 (UPC 643334581632)