TYPE S S1 HD 720P Compact Dashcam


The brand new TYPE S HD dashcam is your perfect add-on for your vehicle. With the increase of roa... Read More ►
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The brand new TYPE S HD dashcam is your perfect add-on for your vehicle. With the increase of road rage cases, irresponsible drivers as well as and hit-and-runs, a dashcam can serve as an extra layer of protection; while you can't stop others from doing what they do, you can record the evidences and hold them accountable. Furthermore, the dashcam automatically records every interesting thing on the road, day or night, so you don't have to rubberneck; you can simply download them from the memory card later and watch them over and over again... and share them with your friends!


How does the camera mount?
The camera mounts on the windshield with the provided suction cup mount.

How does the dashcam get power?
You can connect the dashcam to a 12/24V power source using the cigarette charger provided in the package.

What is the operating voltage?
The camera is 5V DC powered. Please connect to a power source using the cigarette charger included in the package.

My dashcam is hot and stopped working, is it malfunctioning?
No, the built-in high temperature protection prompts the dashcam to power off to prevent the internal electronic components from heat damage, as your camera may be exposed to direct sunlight. Please let the camera cool down. It will resume operation once the temperature is restored to within working range.

Does the camera come with an SD Card?
Yes, the camera comes with a 4GB MicroSD Card. It can support a MicroSD card up to 128GB.

What are the features of the TYPE S dashcam?

(1) Records in 720P HD up to 1080P FHD (Interpolated) resolution.

(2) Captures footage with a viewing angle of 110° (Diagonal).

(3) Automatically locks video during an accident or break-in event.

How long can the dashcam record?
The loop recording time for each video is 1 minute by default. You can also choose between 3 and 5 minutes in settings. Oldest and unlocked files will be overwritten once the MicroSD card reaches its storage limit.

How do I control the dashcam functions?
You can utilize the 4 function buttons to configure and adjust the settings. Refer to the menu bar on the display screen for corresponding functions of the buttons in different modes.



Video Resolution:

FHD 1080P (1920*1080) at 30 FPS, 720P

(1280*720P) at 30 FPS, VGA (640*480P)

Video Format:


Max Photo Resolution:


View Angle:

D = 110°, H = 94.5°, V = 52°

Memory Capacity:

32GB (4GB memory card included)


Mini USB

Camera Input Rating:

400mA, 5V 0.4A

Battery mAh:

Li-ion, 3.7V, 180mAh, 0.666Wh

Model Number:

BT533079-1 (UPC 840005330791)