Evolving Adventure with PROJECT X

In early 2020, in the depths of isolation during a pandemic, a conversation took place between a few friends and fellow adventurists about the state of the off-road accessory world. Maybe we missed wheeling trips, or we were spending most of our days wrenching to pass the time. Or maybe we just ran out of other things to talk about. However that conversation began, by the end it seemed that every aspect of our lives has improved with newer, faster technology – except in off-road vehicles. 

Why do we still put up with archaic products, outdated installation methods, and technology that was developed a century ago? Surely, there must be a way to leverage the tools and processes we use in every other aspect of our day-to-day lives to elevate our adventures.

This conversation sparked the idea that off-road parts and accessories can be made better, to provide enthusiasts with better solutions to longstanding problems. This is the genesis of PROJECT X.

As off-roaders ourselves, we understand that we’ve become complacent in how we modify our vehicles. To give you an example of why, imagine yourself needing more light output from your vehicle on the trails at night.

In 2022, if you want to install an auxiliary light on your truck or SUV, you first need to find a light that works for you. But being the type to do things right, you need to find a bracket that allows you to mount that light to your rig. Then you need to find a way to power that light, through a wiring harness of some sort that you either need to buy or build yourself. And lastly, you’ll need to figure out where to mount a switch inside the cabin, so you can operate that light. Additionally, you’ll need to source all these parts from different manufacturers, hoping they’ll all work in tandem without extensive modification, all so you can see the trail better at night.

If this process seems like the norm, then maybe you’ve become complacent too. Because this is the exact same process our grandfathers went through to add more light output to their trail rigs over 50 years ago. We at PROJECT X see this as a problem.

But today, technology is all around us, all the time. We are more connected than ever before, through an entire infrastructure of ecosystems and products that are designed and intended to be used together. From Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s suite of products, to refrigerators that can tell you to buy more milk while you’re at the grocery store, we rely on this technology everyday in all aspects of life. It’s become our lifeline, all with the goal of giving us ultimate convenience and control. But why has NONE of that technology made its way into the off-road aftermarket world?

Therefore, we created PROJECT X. To change how we use and install aftermarket off-road parts, and to solve longstanding problems by applying innovation and implementing technology into every product we make.

While our team is still small, our potential is anything but. We started our product line with high performance lighting but set our sights on broader concepts to come. Our product development roadmap branches out into several categories of aftermarket parts, from rock lights to fridge/freezers, wireless switch boxes to performance headlights with 4K cameras built in, and much more. With powerful resources like our 15-person in-house mobile app development team, we’re able to bring the latest technology to your vehicle through the parts we make, giving you more convenience and control than ever before. Whether your rig is brand new off the lot, or a classic that’s been passed down over generations, our products walk the line between function and form to better suit your needs as an enthusiast.

Our research and development methods may be unconventional to some, but they’re essential to our work. Anyone can simply make wild claims about the products they’re making, promising they’re the answer to problems. We took it a step further, and partnered with world-class off-road racers like Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy to prove that our products can thrive in even the toughest of conditions. From the rock-riddled canyons of The Hammers to the iconic backcountry trails of Moab, Utah, they continue to put our products to the ultimate test between man and machine, and provide thoughtful feedback from the perspective of those who, quite literally, off-road for a living.


The off-road community is vital to us. Without it, this hobby simply wouldn’t exist. PROJECT X aims to be much more than a parts manufacturer. The commitment we make to our community is to be involved in every aspect of it. From hosting fun, educational experiences in the dirt, attending shows and events, and supporting the thousands of independent off-road shops across the nation who are the lifeblood of the industry, we stand to contribute and improve the experience for anyone who seeks adventure the way we do.


Whether you’ve been wheeling your entire life, or you just started your first ever off-road build, we’re here to support your passion. PROJECT X was started by off-road enthusiasts for off-road enthusiasts, to provide you with better options of what’s currently out there. We will never settle for less than extraordinary, we will never stop our pursuit of better, smarter solutions, and we will always have fun doing it. We are PROJECT X, and we are Evolving Adventure.