One of PROJECT X’s core beliefs is “Being Involved”. As a group of gearheads determined to find better solutions to longstanding challenges in the off-road aftermarket world, we make it a point to align with those who share our passion. This, of course, includes all forms of off-road motorsports. But what does an aftermarket parts company who manufactures products for enthusiasts have to do with off-road racing?

4400 Bronco

As far as motorsports go, the 4-wheel-drive rock racing branch seems to be growing faster than all. King of the Hammers brought rock racing into the spotlight out West, but the sport took on new life when our friends at Mid-America Outdoors and their parent company, American Outdoor Events (AOE/MAO) released a full season of 4WD racing events around the country, prompting teams to hit the road and compete in the Ultra4 USA racing season. More races means more participants, more fans, more prize money, more aftermarket support, and more growth for our industry.

Bronco in Moab

Partnering early on with some of Ultra4’s top competitors such as Vaughn Gotten Jr. and Loren Healy, we’re no strangers to the incredible spectacle that is rock racing mixed with fast desert. With hundreds of miles of rough terrain, sand, mud, open desert, and boulders the size of VWs, it’s the ultimate test of man and machine that pushes drivers and vehicles to their limits. Simply put, if our products could survive this kind of torture, we knew they could survive anything a customer put them through. As our testing and product development progressed at KOH, we sought opportunities to bring PROJECT X products to new races and new audiences beyond the lake bed.

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with AOE as the Official Lighting Sponsor, followed by press releases announcing the PROJECT X Racer and Contingency Programs, giving competitors the best access to discounted parts and cash incentives for podium finishes. This sponsorship doesn’t end with Ultra4 USA, but rather extends to all of AOE’s growing series portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to the sport as a whole.

Jeep at night in the canyon

AOE has announced its acquisition of Great American Shortcourse (GAS), a provider of short course racing in the Western United States. GAS has made a name in the industry as the leading short course racing event in the US, bringing family-oriented off-road racing to the spectators. These events are routinely attended by off-road enthusiasts, and easily televised for fans all over the world. But AOE didn’t stop there.

4600 Bronco

As the rise of UTV’s continues to push into the stratosphere of off-road recreation around the globe, bringing high performance trail-ready vehicles to the average Joe, AOE announced the debut of SxS Takeover, a two-part event that brings the spirit of UTV riding to the MAO track in their home base of Jay, OK during one of the biggest events on the AOE calendar, Visions Off-Road, a week-long off-road festival with vendors, lifestyle, camping, and off-road racing of all kinds.

HP.70 Race Bar

Finally, headlining Visions Off-Road this year is a new event on the roster. AOE partnered with Travis Pastrana to build a custom track to host Nitrocross and Nitro Circus at Visions. This addition is just another way AOE is bringing high-octane fun to Mid America Outdoors. With rodeos, concerts, meet and greets, and a full schedule of fan-favorite professional racing.

Project X in Moab

Getting to the center of the action has always been our motto at PROJECT X. We pride ourselves on “Being Involved”, attending as many events as we can get to, talking face-to-face with our customers, and educating them on our products. This level of support goes even deeper with our racers and teams, as we aim to gain insightful feedback on our products as well as provide solutions for their off-road needs from the campgrounds to the pits.

Vaughn Gittin Jr

“We recognize the work AOE is doing to stay front and center of our industry, and that’s what makes them the perfect fit for a partner for PROJECT X. Their focus on bringing fans and enthusiasts back to outdoor events in a way never imagined before aligns with our core values as a brand, and allows us the opportunity to reach new customers in historically event-barren parts of the country. In addition to the usual sponsorship gigs such as track branding and televised mentions, we’ll have boots on the ground at events like Visions, activating out of the Fun-Haver Off-Road booth where we can meet face to face with fans and enthusiasts alike. We also have a presence at the MAO Pro Shop, allowing visitors to interact directly with our products on display and purchase them at the events for their own vehicles.”, said Jared Chavez, Brand Director at PROJECT X.

Bronco Finish Visions Off Road

“We’re thrilled to partner with PROJECT X on all the exciting events and races during the 2023 and 2024 season. Their dedication and support to the industry transcends building innovative products, by reaching racers and fans in a way that few brands still do. Their approach to driving innovation brings exciting new solutions to all levels of enthusiasts. Our team works incredibly hard to host action-packed events that our fans continue to rave about, and working with partners such as PROJECT X only adds to the experience.”


Visions Off-Road is set to take place June 12-18, and is being hailed as the off-road event of the summer. In addition to the Ultra4 race, MAO will host the SxS Championships, Truck Short Course Racing, Pit Bikes, Nitrocross Racing, Nitro Circus, and much more.

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