PROJECT X Launches Mobile App to Control Their New Products

For immediate release:

Costa Mesa, CA

With the release of their groundbreaking Ghost Box wireless accessory ecosystem, PROJECT X has released their mobile app which aims to expand the functionality of their existing products. Available now through for iOS and Android mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play store, the PROJECT X Mobile Command app allows for the full range of customization and control available to PROJECT X products.

Developed over the course of two years by their in-house app development team, the PROJECT X Mobile Command app currently controls the Ghost Box system and ELITE OPTX JK.70 headlights. The app will allow users to setup their Ghost Box wireless ecosystem, configure individual accessory settings, and customize their keypads. The app will also wirelessly display, playback, and record from the 4K cameras built into the JK.70 headlights.


“We’re especially excited to release this app, as it’s been at the center of our wireless ecosystem since the early prototypes of the Ghost Box. We realized early on that competitor products that had app functionality lacked much of the user experience and functionality that provided any real value to their customers. This led us to take two years to develop our app to be both user friendly and use for our end-users. We’re thrilled to release it to the public, and to continue updating it with new and powerful features as we develop new products and hardware.”, said Matt Moghaddam, Marketing Manager for PROJECT X.


The next update is scheduled to coincide with the release of PROJECT X’s ROX and ROX CAM rock light kits with optional 4K cameras. The Mobile Command app will allow users to customize their rock light kits by choosing different colors, flash patterns, fade effects, and allow for viewing and recording of 4K footage underneath their vehicles in real-time.


Find more information and download the PROJECT X Mobile Command app in the link below:

PROJECT X provides innovative next generation products for truck and off-road enthusiasts. Centering around their “Ghost Box” technology, the PROJECT X ecosystem offers wirelessly controlled accessories including high-power lighting, cameras and accessory management designed and tested in the harshest environments by racers and enthusiasts globally.