PROJECT X is a new California-based off-road truck accessories brand. Through its lines of lighting, cameras, and power management systems, it is bringing rugged, innovative technology to the off-road market.


To supercharge its introduction, PROJECT X has entered a long-term partnership with the Fun-Haver Off-Road Team. As a result, both drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy will be ambassadors for the new brand. Their responsibilities will include product development and testing for PROJECT X. This will be provided primarily by placement on the Fun Haver Off-Road Team’s Ford Bronco Ultra 4400 race trucks.


As officially announced by Ford, the Fun-Haver Off-Road Team will give the Bronco its competition debut on the King of the Hammers desert race on January 28 - February 6, 2021 in Johnson Valley, CA. Vaughn and Loren are both entering Ultra4 4400 Class Ford Bronco race vehicles, which will be equipped with soon-to-be-released PROJECT X High Power and Free Form auxiliary vehicle lighting. This will be the first competitive outing for the new products and will be used to continue their extreme test program to ensure future customers have the most rugged, dependable and powerful products available.


The Fun-Haver Off-Road Team will also utilize and test PROJECT X products on its fleet of vehicles. Specifically, its Ford F-450 Super Duty Chase Truck will be fitted with Series X High Power 8.5” lighting (HP.85). With each lamp boasting 165W/21800 lumens of power from Osram LEDs, these units will provide the chase team with the best visibility when it’s needed the most.


As for the racers, Vaughn’s 4400 Ford Bronco will be fitted with five of the compact Series X High Power 7” lights (HP.70). Employing Osram LEDs, each lamp produces 15000 lumen of bright white light. Loren’s 4400 Bronco gets a row of five Series One Free Form 7” (FF.70) auxiliary units that provide 3800 lumens per lamp using Cree LED technology.


The team will utilize PROJECT X products throughout the 2021 off-road racing season and beyond, including on its 4600 Class Bronco desert racer, which is still under construction.


The products will also be integrated into the Fun-Haver Off-Road Tour, an experiential onsite activation, which will accompany the team at key desert races. Attendees will be able to see and experience the range of new PROJECT X products for their own truck and SUV.


PROJECT X products will not only be rugged and provide class-leading power, but customers will be able to customize them to suit their needs and taste. In addition to superior optics, the lighting will include heavy-duty mounts, durable lens design and integrated heat management to extend service life. PROJECT X will be available online from as well as


Both drivers are very enthusiastic about PROJECT X: ”It’s been really exciting, and frankly refreshing, to work with a partner like PROJECT X that actively solicits our feedback and draws from our off-road experience to develop these next-generation, purpose-built off-road auxiliary lights,” Loren exclaimed.

This was backed up by Vaughn, who added: “The PROJECT X lighting products blew away our R&D department. The attention to detail and quality of materials is first-rate, and stands up to the punishment we put them through in our extreme desert racing conditions.”


PROJECT X Marketing Manager Jared Chavez had this to say: “We wanted to introduce ourselves in the best possible way while also proving we’re totally serious about what we do. And there’s no better way to show our products are best-in-class than to prove it at an event like King of the Hammers with flat-out drivers such as Vaughn and Loren. Both are fierce competitors and demand the best from their equipment, and we intend to give them a product that exceeds their expectations!



Fun-Haver Off-Road, the off-road racing division of the Fun-Haver lifestyle brand, brings fun and flare to the intense competition of Ultra4 Racing with team owners and drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr and Loren Healy.


A two-time Formula DRIFT Champion, Vaughn became the first crossover driver to secure a top-ten finish after his first attempt at the infamous King of the Hammers race in 2015. He has since earned impressive results, including multiple podium appearances and the 2018 4500 East Coast Championship.


A veteran of Ultra4 Racing and a tremendous advocate for the off-road community, Loren Healy is a five-times Ultra4 Racing Champion and double King of the Hammers Champion, making both drivers a formidable force in the series’ top 4400 class. For more information, visit



PROJECT X is reimagining off-road accessories by integrating new and innovative technologies focusing on lighting, cameras, and power management. The company seeks to create an app-controlled in-vehicle ecosystem that gives enthusiasts and professionals best-in-class product solutions.


PROJECT X is part of the Horizon Brands family – a leading global technology solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience in automotive product design, development, manufacturing, and successful sales channel management. For more information, visit