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SERIES ONE 6-Light Roof Lightbar Kit for 2021+ Bronco


The Ultimate 2021+ Bronco LED Roof Bar package! This kit contains our bolt-on roof bracket, six SERIES ONE FF.70 Lights, our 6-into-1 roof bar h... Read More ►

  • Application : 
    2021+ Bronco & Bronco Raptor 
    (Does not fit Bronco Sport)
  • Input Voltage : 9-33V
  • Raw Lumens : 22,800
  • Beam Pattern : Combo - Two Floods & Four Spots
  • Mount Material : 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heat Management : Active Thermal Management System (ATMS)
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The Ultimate 2021+ Bronco LED Roof Bar package! This kit contains our bolt-on roof bracket, six SERIES ONE FF.70 Lights, our 6-into-1 roof bar harness, including all hardware and accessories. Everything you need for maximum forward-facing light output from your Bronco's roof. Transform your 2021+ Ford Bronco's night-time trail-riding experience with the PROJECT X SERIES ONE 2021+ Bronco Roof Light Bar Kit. This comprehensive package is specifically designed to enhance your vehicle's forward-facing light output, combining modern power with a classic aesthetic.  Ideal for Bronco owners looking to upgrade their off-road lighting setup, this comprehensive solution combines ease of installation, powerful illumination, to elevate your off-road experience. We engineered our brackets to pay homage to classic Baja race truck styling, while keeping wind noise to a minimum by keeping the mounting surface below the windshield line.

Pair and control your new Roof Light Bar with our the top-rated 12V Switch Panel, Ghost Box by PROJECT X (Sold Separately). Its wiring made simple, allowing you to quickly and easily install and start managing any 12V circuit. Control the Ghost Box via an optional keypad and/or your mobile device. Each circuit offers constant on, strobe, and dimming functions. Quickly cycle through the functions in order from a single button, via the app: turn off any functions you don't need and adjust the strobing and dimming.  Each Ghost Box also features adjustable low voltage protection and over-current protection. Enhance your 12V experience with Ghost Box.

2021+ Ford Bronco 2-door
2021+ Ford Bronco 4-door
2022+ Ford Bronco Raptor
Does not fit Bronco Sport


  • What is the difference between laser welding and MIG/TIG welding?

Laser welding is newer process to the offroad industry. Advancements in laser welding technology over the past few years have created new opportunities for product development and benefits in production. To put it simply, MIG and TIG welding require a gas and filler material during the welding process to join two metals together. With MIG welding (common production weld) it is common to have welds that require clean up and leave splatter around the product, but it is fast, strong and efficient. TIG welding is viewed to be the tried-and-true superior welding in most cases but requires a more skilled welder and is more time intensive which raises cost. Laser welding requires skilled calibration and controlled environments but can produce weld strength superior to both MIG and TIG welding, with zero filler or gas needed. Current laser welding technology can also create stronger welds than traditional MIG/TIG. Bottom line – laser welding has a high entry cost, high level of setup time and control but yields faster production time with cleaner, higher strength welds. But to ensure the quality, we on-vehicle test each component through the toughest conditions to ensure they will survive.


  • What makes the harness “Ghost Box Ready”?

Cutting and Crimping can be challenging for enthusiasts new to 12v accessories; these can also be the most common failure points when done incorrectly. At PROJECT X we believe in making things “Simple Easy Smart” and so we have designed our wiring harnesses with our Ghost Box system in mind. Each PROJECT X wiring harness includes the 3-pin DT connector to plug into your PROJECT X light and the opposite end is already completed with a ring terminal and the GHOST BOX rubber caps preinstalled, allowing you to plug directly into your ecosystem and sync. It’s that simple, not wire cutting, crimping, soldering etc – we’ve done all the work so you just need a Philips head screw driver to connect it all together!


  • Does 304 Stainless Rust?

You want the best. When you spend your hard-earned money on a premium product the last thing you want to see is the product rusting and looking like a poor reflection of your vehicle, or even worse – failing from deterioration. We take pride in our products as well, so we made all of our mounts out of 304 stainless steel, laser welded so there is no filler, and protected it all with powder-coating. We also include all stainless hardware so your PROJECT X system should look perfect for years to come.


  • Why does a magnet stick to some parts of these stainless 304 mounts?

Note on “magnet testing”: 304 stainless steel contains very low carbon content which is generally the largest contributor to rust, this also makes most areas of the product non-magnetic; however, in areas where cold-work processes have occurred (such as bending) you could see some minor magnetic properties. This is a normal attribute and should not cause any alarm.


  • What are the benefits of the Ghost Box vs the factory Bronco upfitter switches?

Why use the Ghost Box instead of the factory upfitter switches? The factory upfitter switches have some great functions but as you start to add more accessories you may find some limitations.

  1. Firstly, the upfitter switches are single function – on/off only. This means you will not be able to set products to dim or flash unless using any additional modules, and you would be locked into that function.
  2. Second, the upfitter switches are only active when the vehicle is powered on, so if you are looking to utilize any accessories while the vehicle is in the ignition-off position.
  3. Third, you are limited to 6 switches. This may be enough for you, but many people find themselves expanding to multiple accessories that will eventually require an additional switching system to control,
  4. Lastly, the maximum circuit size on the upfitter switches is 30amp and there is only a single 30 amp circuit included. That means if you want to run multiple high power lights or accessories you will need to add a relay to each circuit and do additional wiring.

The Ghost Box system addresses all of the above issues with an expandable ecosystem allowing for dedicated control of all your accessories.

  1. The Ghost Box allows for on-off, flash or dim functions while allowing you to use even when the vehicle is powered off and with the built in multi-level voltage protection you wont need to worry about draining your battery.
  2. Our keypad has 8 buttons ready to be programmed and you are able to merge circuits on the same ghost box to a single button to save space.
  3. The our kit comes with 4 modules (8 total circuits) but is expandable up to 24 modules (48 circuits) to control all of the accessories you could ever want to install.
  4. Each Ghost Box module has adjustable 20 and 40amp circuits, giving you all the necessary power for your accessories. When you don’t need the full amperage you can utilize the PROJECT X app and turn the amps down as low as you need to suit each accessory you connect.


  • Can I merge all the DRL wires to a single circuit?

Our PROJECT  X harnesses are designed to plug and play one set of lights for easy install, which means each DRL will be on a separate button. However, if you want to merge all of your DRLs onto a single circuit that is a great option to consolidate circuits. Each light DRL utilizes roughly 0.1 amps while running, meaning you can run all of them to any ghost box circuit.

What makes the Bronco Roof Mount Ghost Box ready?

Our SERIES ONE Bronco roof mount system is designed to be used with our harness and Ghost Box system mounted in the engine bay. However, if you are looking to only run power and ground, the mount does have provisions to mount a ghost box directly to it and run power and ground to it for full control.


  • What are the torque specs for installation?

The Bronco accessory ready studs above the windshield are 10mm and have 7.7 ft-lbs / 92.4 inch-lbs torque spec

The PROJECT X Roof mount bolts (2 on each side) are 7/32 hex drive and have a 33ft-lbs torque spec


  • Will the PROJECT X Bronco Roof Mount work with my roof rack?

The PROJECT X Bronco roof light mount utilizes the factory accessory ready bolts above the windshield and needs the entire area above the windshield for the mount. Due to this, it is not compatible with any roof rack system that utilizes the windshield accessory ready mounting points.



  • Input Voltage : 9 - 33V
  • LED Power Output : 180W
  • Current Draw @ 12V : 18A
  • Power Consumption : 216W
  • Operating Temp : -40°F to 149°F
  • Heat Management : Active Thermal Management System (ATMS)
  • Protection : Reverse Polarity, Protection
  • EMC : ECE R10


  • LED Type : 15W XHP50.2, Cree® LEDs
  • No. LED’s : 2 per Light


  • Color Temp : 5000°K
  • Color Rendering Index : 70
  • Raw Lumens : 22,800
  • Effective Lumens : 9,978
  • Candela : 1,179,000
  • Beam Length (1 lamp) : 1 lux @ 1443 Feet
  • Beam Length (2 lamps) : 1 lux @ 2034 Feet
  • Beam Width (1 lamp) : 1 lux @ 147 Feet
  • Beam Width (2 lamps) : 1 lux @ 206 Feet


  • Mount Material : 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mount Coating : Black Powder Coat
  • Light Housing : Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • Lens : Hard coated Polycarbonate
  • IP Rating : IP67
  • Includes : Mount, Six-FF.70, Hardware and Wiring Harness