TYPE S 1080P Add-on Rear Camera for TYPE S Dashcams


Add a rear camera to your dashcam to expand your view on the road. Record not only the front, but... Read More ►
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Add a rear camera to your dashcam to expand your view on the road. Record not only the front, but also what's happening behind your vehicle during your daily commutes. Retain key evidence in case someone rear-ends your car.


Does this product work by itself without the dashcam? 
No, it doesn’t. It only works when it’s plugged into a dashcam that’s compatible with it.

Does it affect the dashcam’s recording resolution when plugged in? 
No, it doesn’t. The dashcam will still record at whatever resolution you set it to be.

Which dashcams does this add-on rear cam work with? 
As of June 2023, it is compatible with TYPE S S402 PRO (BT532871), S402 (BT532872), S400 (BT530024), and Y400 (BT532783). More coming soon.

What power source does this camera use? 
It draws power straight from your dashcam. It’ll be plugged into the AV-IN port located on your dashcam.

How long is the cable? 
The cable of the camera is ~20 feet (6 meters) long. Should be more than enough to cover the distance between your dashcam on your windshield and your rear window – where the rear camera is typically installed.

Can the camera be automatically activated when I switch into reverse gear?  
Depends on the installation. The cable comes with an extra wire that can be connected to your reverse lights; if you have them connected, the view on the dashcam will switch into the rear cam view automatically every time you’re in reverse gear.

Where can it be installed?  
We’d recommend either installing it on your rear window or near your rear license plate (you’ll have to drill a hole in your trunk for this installation option).


Product Dimensions:

Length : 2.36 in / 5.99 cm 
Width : 1.22 in / 3.09 cm
Height : 0.98 in / 2.48 cm

Product Weight: 

33 lbs / 150g

Recording Resolution: 

1080P (1920*1080) @ 30 FPS REAL

View Angle:


Connection Format:

1.5mm DC Jack


DC 5V, 220mA

Model Number:

BT532838-1 (UPC 840005328385)