6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-in MFi Certified Lightning Cable


The TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter & Power Bank with Jump Guide got a first-to-market upgrade, ... Read More ►
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The TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter & Power Bank with Jump Guide got a first-to-market upgrade, an integrated MFi certified Lightning Cable for drivers constantly on the go. In addition, the top deck of the portable jump starter includes a built-in wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled wireless charging devices. The TYPE S portable jump box is equipped with LED lighting features to keep you safer during a breakdown. Aside from the multimode LED flashlight, this portable jump starter has two red emergency hazard LEDs that flash, strobe or display emergency Morse Code light patterns if you are in distress. An integrated LCD screen displays step-by-step jump-starting instructions to get you back on the road. Simply connect the jumper cables and follow the on-screen Jump Guide prompts. The UL-certified jump starter is also designed with a host of safety features including polarity protection, over-discharge protection, low voltage protection, reverse charging protection, short-circuit protection, overheat protection, temperature control protection, and more. The TYPE S multipurpose jump box is an 8,000mAh portable power bank, which will keep USB-A and USB-C mobile devices and laptops charged on the go.


How long does it take to charge AC532777?
The unit can be fully recharged and ready for jump-starting or charging other devices in 4-5 hours by using the included micro-USB charging cable and 5V 2A USB charger (not included). Or

The unit can be fully recharged and ready for jump-starting or charging other devices in 2-2.5 hours by using the USB-C cable and 18W or above quick charge charger (both not included).

What’s the function of embedded Lightning cable?
It is MFI certified and serves as charging cable for iPhones, iPods and some iPad models.

Can I leave AC532777 being plugged in overnight?
TYPE S AC532777 has a built-in protection circuit to prevent overcharging. However, it is not recommended to leave anything on a charge unattended. But it will be fine if it is left on the charger overnight or for the weekend before you take it off.

How long the battery will last?
This model can hold 70% of its rated capacity for up to one year. For optimal performance, we recommend to fully charge the jump starter upon receipt. Check battery status periodically and recharge it every two to three months and after every use to maintain the efficiency and to prolong the battery life. 

How to boost a dead car battery with AC532777?
The jump guide message pop-up on the LCD screen when the clamp cable is plugged into AC532777. The step-by-step message guides you through the jump-starting process.

How to turn on the LED warning light or flashlight?
Press MODE button twice to turn on the LED warning light or press and hold the MODE button for 3 seconds to turn on the flashlight.

How to switch LCD display languages?
Default language is English, you can press and hold MODE button for 5 seconds to select Spanish, French, Japanese or Korean to be shown on display.


Product Dimensions:

Length : 6.14 in / 155 mm 
Width : 3.5 in / 88 mm
Height :1.34 in / 34 mm


Product Weight:0.97 lb / 439 g
Internal Battery:Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity:29.6 Wh
Input (Micro USB):5V 2A 
Input (USB-C):5V 3A / 9V 2A
USB-A Output:5V 3A / 9V 2A
USB-C Output:5V 3A 
Jump Start Current:400A
Operating Temperature:-20ºC ~ 34ºC / -4ºF ~ 93ºF
Storage Temperature:-20ºC ~ 40ºC / -4ºF ~ 104ºF Avg. Temp.
Charging Temperature:0ºC ~ 34ºC / 32ºF ~ 93ºF
Charging Time:4-5 hours (5V 2A input)
2-2.5 hours (18W USB-C input) 18W charger not included
Housing Protection:IP64 Splash-Resistant (with Ports Covered)
Model Number:AC532777-1 (UPC 840005327777)
AC532777-BLUE-1 (UPC 840005327784)
AC532777-GRAY-1 (UPC 840005327791)