TYPE S S402 Pro Ultra HD 4K Dual View Dashcam with 2K Cabin View Cam


The TYPE S S402 Pro is a 4K UHD dual view dashcam that includes a 2K cabin facing camera. It not only captures every... Read More ►

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The TYPE S S402 Pro is a 4K UHD dual view dashcam that includes a 2K cabin facing camera. It not only captures everything that's ahead of you in crystal clear 4K resolution, but also records everything that's going on inside the car in QHD, making it a must-have for rideshare operators; record and retain solid evidence 24/7. Features G-sensor technology that autosaves and locks the video to the MicroSD memory card during any sudden movement. Compatible with the TYPE S Drive app, allowing you to transfer your recordings directly to your mobile device via WiFi.


How can I connect the dashcam to the Type S Drive App?

Go to your phone’s WiFi Settings, connect to “Type S DVR…”

Go into your Type S Drive App, select “Dashcams”, and you should be good to go!


What power source does the camera use?

The easiest way to connect your camera is via the 12/24V cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. However, you may also hardwire it to your fuse box or directly to your battery. Type S hardwiring kit (AC533513) sold separately.

We recommend using the cables that came with the package. Non-Type S cables are not guaranteed to power the dashcam properly.


Will it drain my car battery?

No, it will not. If you connect it to your 12V cigarette lighter port, it’ll turn on/off with your car. However, if your car provides constant power through the 12V port even when your vehicle is off, please make sure that you unplug it when you exit your vehicle to prevent this from happening.

If you decide to hardwire the camera to your vehicle via your Type S Hardwiring Kit (AC533513, sold separately), you’re still in good hands; the hardwiring kit will automatically stop drawing power from the battery if it detects that your battery level is low.


Does the dashcam record audio?

Yes, it records audio by default, but you can turn audio recording off via the settings menu.


Will the camera stop recording when the SD card is full?

No, it shouldn’t. The loop record feature that exists in all dashcams ensures that new footage overwrites the oldest ones every time the SD card reaches storage limit, so that you’ll never have to replace the SD card.


What if loop record overwrites important accident footage?

No worries, when the built-in G-Sensor detects an accident, it’ll automatically move the footage into a different “locked” folder to prevent the footage from being overwritten by the loop record function. Please access the “events” folder for the locked footage.


Dashcam stopped working, what do I do?

If it’s on a really hot day, it may have just been overheated. Place it away from direct sunlight to help it cool down, it’ll resume working in no time.

If the above method doesn’t work, please contact Type S customer support for further assistance.


Do I have to take the SD card out to access my videos?

No, you don’t have to. You can access and download the videos via the Type S Drive app without having to take the SD card out.


Can I replace the SD card with my own?

Yes! The camera is compatible with SD cards of up to 256GB. However, please make sure that the SD card is classified as U3 and Class 10, otherwise it may not function properly.


How can I live stream my dashcam videos?

The live stream feature utilizes the data connection on your phone. Please download and connect the Type S Drive app to access the live stream feature.


Product Dimensions:

Length : 4.17 in / 10.6 cm 
Width : 1.57 in / 4 cm
Height : 1.77 in / 4.5 cm




4K UHD - Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160p)


2.4 GHz

Operating Voltage:

DC 12V / 24V - Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA)

Operating Temperature:

-10°C~60°C / 14°F~140°F 

Viewing Angle:

132° Diagonal

Image Sensor:


Maximum Signal Range:

9.84 Feet / 3 Meters(without interference or obstruction)

Model Number:

BT532871-1 (UPC 840005328712)